YEAR OF PIG BYB Gadget Design Project



To celebrate the year of the pig in 2019, BYB has designed and customized some precious gifts for our clients.

A stylish porcupine T-shirt, a wild pig USB Key, a 2018 trend music playlist and BYB hand-painted board shopping bag. 









BYB year of the pig limited edition T-shirt, spring arrived, let's wear pig T-shirt to have a picnic!









BYB year of the pig USB Key, lets you have the pig year fashionable feeling.







BYB VISION selected 2018 best playlist.  The selection is not only based on music, but also the story and art of music video. Music is love, love is music, music is life.




All the above images were all shot by BYB Studio. BYB Studio always provides the most sincere, professional and reliable service. BYB Studio has long shot products for LOUIS VUITTON, LOEWE, Shanghai story and other brands.


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