BYB & Condé Nast – VM Training Project


In March 26th, BYB Vision's  Founder & Creative Director Giuseppe is honored to be invited to Condé Nast Center of fashion and Design as a VM Expert, who took and completed a visual merchandising course by 4 days high-density training for urban fashion brand ME & CITY from MetersBonwe group.





 Brand Vision  

Let Simplicity become the ultimate form of sophistication.

Me&City is a brand that creates fashion for people who enjoy life and beauty.


"Each season, Me & City presents high quality fashion with simple but refined details designed for everyday use. 

We aim to create a pleasant wearing experience,and sophisticated designs showcase the lifestyle of different occasions.

Our target customer group is the ambitious age 25-35 white-collar elites who have dreams,

love city life and pursue simplicity and quality. "




ME & CITY Store photos from network





The course is mainly divided two modules into theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. Through continuous practice and interaction that the store display can be achieved the best visual effect by participants’ creativities and motivation base on the VM training knowledge and the brand guildlines. Lead and stimulate the participants' deeper mind of work details and their enthusiasm for the VM world.





Become a qualified Visual Merchandiser is not only to create a comfortable beautiful store for vision but also take into account the needs of customers and personal experience, the ultimate goal is to boost sales. Visual Merchandiser is an extremely important position in fashion retail industry.



The participants were all from ME & CITY headquarters and branch of the visual merchandising department, a total of 35 crews.



Through Giuseppe's sharing of working experience and demonstration - with an entertaining way to communicate with each team,  to broaden the participants‘ horizons and the inherent thinking with continuous innovation.









Quick response, flexible strain, innovative ideas - After four days of compact training, the participants have gained full of harvest.



Hope in the future, the participants will able to masterly apply the "Key points" and "Tools" from those 4 days training course in the actual practice of discovering and solving problems, and constantly polishing themselves, become a constant value of excellent Visual Merchandiser.