Shanghai Story AD Campaign 2017


AD Campaign 2017

a few days ago, the famous local brand "Shanghai Story" invited BYB Studio to shoot a brand-new product blockbuster for it.

"Shanghai Story" was established in 2003, and its scarves, scarves and shawls are various in color. "Shanghai Story" currently has many stores in Shanghai. In response to its popularity, the founder of the brand said: "Our style is a combination of East and West."

BYB Studio made a lot of preparations in the early stage of filming and finally decided to highlight the colors and patterns of the "Striking Variety" series.

In addition, regarding the choice of models, Anastasiya photographer from BYB Studio said: "We want to choose a face with facial features, both western three-dimensional and eastern soft to highlight the internationalization of the brand."

in the direction of art, what we want to highlight is the transparency, fluidity and texture of the fabric itself.

fabric floating in the air gently hugged the model.

the dazzling fashion like ballet, let's celebrate the new image of "Shanghai Story!


Art Director: Giuseppe Univochi

shooting: Simon Gao

model: Alyona Ruchko

makeup/hairstyle: Diana Spring

BYB STUDIO x Shanghai Story

BYB Studio AD Campaign x Shanghai Story

Shanghai Story was built in 2003, the brand is known as a traditional and classic local brand selling scarves and shawls declined in thousands of colors and patterns. Presently, the Shanghainese brand counts many stores across China. “Our collections have been born from a fusion of East & West." approached the founder of the company.

BYB Studio has conceived, imagined and shot the AD Campaign.

On the pre-production step, the team was willingfocalize on highlighting

the “striking variety” of colors and patterns.

Besides, regarding the mannequin selection: “We wanted to pick-up a Eurasian mixed model face, to avoid being too much local neither international focused”

mentioned Anastasiya the photographer.

As to the artistic direction, the focal point was to play with the transparency, the fluidity and the vaporous aspect and feeling of the fabric.

Both flying and floating scarves are embracing the gentle movements of the model.

Balletic, dazzling and voguish… let's celebrate the new face of Shanghai Story!


Artistic Director : Giuseppe Univochi

Photograph : Simon Gao

Model: Alyona Ruchko

Make-up/hair stylist: Diana Spring