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Cactus Jack Dior Summer 2022 Collection

From Re-Edition Magazine


1947年,克里斯汀•迪奥 Christian Dior 前往美国庆祝他的首次时装发布会:他的第一站是德克萨斯州,这是一个意想不到的目的地,那里的大峡谷和巨大的沙尘沙漠给人留下了持久而深刻的印象。美国的风气和精神也是如此——用他自己的话来说,就是“对生活的热情和自信。


Christian Dior journeyed to America to celebrate his debut collection in 1947: one of his first stops was Texas, an unexpected destination whose grand canyons and huge dusty deserts made a lasting impression. So too did the ethos and spirit of America – in his own words, ‘the zest for life and self-confidence’.

受到 Dior 与这个美国国家根深蒂固的联系的启发,男装艺术总监 Kim Jones 将这一传统传承至今,与这位德克赛斯出生的说唱歌手、歌手、词曲创作人和唱片制作人Travis Scott 合作推出 Dior 2022 夏季男装系列。标题是仙人掌杰克迪奥,它的名字来自Scott的仙人掌杰克唱片标签。

Inspired by Dior’s deep-rooted connection to this American state, men’s artistic director Kim Jones has lassoed this legacy into today, collaborating with the Texan-born rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Travis Scott on the Dior summer 2022 men’s collection. The title is cactus jack Dior, drawing its name from Scott’s cactus jack records label.







Camila Falquez Challenges Traditional Ideas of Beauty and Royalty

From Harper’s Bazaar by Erica Gonzales




Such was the intent for the new installment of her photo series, Being, a collection of stunning portraits of diverse subjects from various marginalized communities celebrating their inherent beauty. Baring skin, wrapped in luscious silks and posing like deities perched on pedestals, the models are captured like royalty and Classical art, owning spaces from which they’ve long been excluded.

Jezz Chung在宣言中写道 “美是一种归属——属于我们自己,属于我们的侨民,属于我们最深切的渴望”。“变性美、女性美、男性美。美是非二元的。美总是在进化中——我们能看到发现这种美是因为人们正在从社会压力 “噪音” 中解放出来。

Beauty is a belonging—to ourselves, to our diaspora, to our deepest desires,” part of the manifesto, written by Jezz Chung, reads. “Beauty is trans. Beauty is masc. Beauty is femme. Beauty is non-binary. Beauty is always in evolution—discovery and a discovering of who we’ve always been without the noise.







Matsubara Civic Library by MARU, Timeless Architecture Beyond the Boundary of Natural and Artificial

From gooood



This project in Matsubara, Osaka Prefecture replaced an existing library on the same site. The original building was located adjacent to a reservoir pond in a park where many of the city’s cultural facilities are concentrated, and the client intended to fill in the pond to build the new structure.


Firms were asked to submit proposals addressing both design and construction. Our winning proposal viewed the pond-side site as a unique project condition, and instead of filling it in, suggested building the library directly out into the water. The proposal received high marks for both its creativity and its streamlining of the construction process and budget.

3-1-46 Taijo Matsubara-City, Osaka, Japan.







Zendaya most Jaw-Dropping Carpet Looks Proving she is a Fashion Icon

From VOGUE by Alice Newbold


Zendaya 在奥斯卡颁奖典礼上的红地毯关闭恰逢该演员在好莱坞首次重要首映 10 周年。她对时尚的热爱是瞬间的,但并不总是那么容易。Zendaya 的造型师 Law Roach 提出了一个长期计划——“我就像一名在蓝图上工作的建筑师,”他之前告诉英国《Vogue》杂志——将她的形象从甜美的公主转变为 Z 世代的开拓者。

Zendaya’s red-carpet shutdown at the Oscars coincided with the 10-year anniversary of the actor’s first major Hollywood premiere. Her love affair with fashion was instantaneous, but not always easy. Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach came up with a long-term plan – “I was like an architect working on a blueprint,” he has previously told British Vogue – to evolve her image from sweet princess to Gen-Z trailblazer.

一路上有一些令人瞠目结舌的红地毯时刻。Zendaya 的变色龙气质让签名的概念看起来非常乏味。她在聚光灯下的每一刻都是她和罗奇在镜头前做的研究。 

There have been some jaw-dropping red-carpet moments along the way. Zendaya has a chameleon quality that makes the concept of a signature look seem positively boring. She gives every moment in the spotlight her all because of the research she and Roach put into a single turn in front of the cameras. 







Traditional Korean Home Design And Gucci's Style Meet In The Brand's New Seoul Store

From FRAME by Lauren Grace Morris


这家 1,015 平方米、获得 LEED 认证的商店被命名为 Gucci Gaok,在韩文中是传统家居的意思。该空间旨在模仿住宅环境中常见的那种亲密隐私感,将传统元素与 Gucci 的“当代折衷主义”结合在一起;该时尚品牌将其描述为“传统与现代交融”的地方。

The 1,015-sq-m, LEED-certified shop is named Gucci Gaok, after the Korean word for traditional home. Designed to emulate the sort of intimacy normally found in residential environments, the space joins heritage elements with Gucci’s ‘contemporary eclecticism’; the fashion brand describes it as a place where ‘tradition and modernity mingle’.

四个楼层中的每一层都被单独设想为代表 Gucci 世界的不同方面:事实上,未来主义的开放式室内设计与古典室内设计相融合,带领游客体验多方面的旅程和一系列设计参考。Gucci Gaok 的立面——,展示了一个想象中的森林——是由韩国艺术家 SeungMo Park 设计的。Park 的作品以幻觉和现实为主题,室内的并置也反映了这一主题。

Each of the four floors were envisioned individually to represent different aspects of Gucci’s world: indeed, futuristic open-plan interiors merge with classical ones, taking visitors through a multifaceted journey and an array of design references. Gucci Gaok’s façade – a manifestation of an imaginary forest – was devised by Korean artist SeungMo Park. Park’s work plays on ideas of illusion and reality, a theme reflected also by the juxtapositions indoors.

Gucci Gaok, 223, Itaewon-Ro, Yongsan-Gu Seoul, South Korea, 04349.






Eye-Level Merchandising




You can encourage shoppers to buy your most profitable items. You might have items that you hope to sell a lot because they bring you more profit than other products.



Therefore, to maximize the effectiveness of your display, you need to be very aware of what you have displayed at eye level.



Within your booth, any space that falls at customers' eye level is prime real estate. It's the space that provides the best opportunity to sell to customers because it is what they notice first, and what they see the most.







Doja Cat & The Weeknd – “You Right

From Harper’s Bazaar by Sabrina Park


在她最新的音乐视频 “You Right” 中,Doja Cat 在 The Weeknd 的帮助下热烈欢迎我们进入她崇高的、想象的世界。在云中的王国,Doja 和 The Weeknd 为彼此的幻想唱了一首热情洋溢的二重唱,讲述了他们对彼此的幻想,他们对各自伴侣的忠诚。

In her latest music video, "You Right," Doja Cat warmly welcomes us into her sublime, imaginary universe with a little extra help from The Weeknd. In a kingdom in the clouds, Doja and The Weeknd sing a steamy duet about their fantasies for one another, feeling mutually tempted out of their loyalties toward their respective partners.

该视频今天与她的最新专辑《Planet Her》一起发布。继 2019 年 Doja 的 Hot Pink 之后,新的 LP大流行“发光”的化身。根据公告牌,Doja 分享说,虽然“令人难以置信”的 Planet Her 在其歌曲的独特品质上在很大程度上类似于其前身,但它也将与专辑的整体美学更加融合。正如这段音乐视频中所显示的那样,视觉效果在很大程度上是空灵的,融合了一系列高度曝光的灯光和柔和色调,所有这些都使这位歌手具有超凡脱俗、女神般的本质。

The video was released today in tandem with her latest album, Planet Her. Following Doja's Hot Pink in 2019, the new LP is what one would quite literally call the embodiment of a pandemic glow-up. Per Billboard, Doja shared that, while the "unbelievable" Planet Her would largely resemble its predecessor in the distinct qualities of its songs, it would also see greater cohesion with the album's overall aesthetic. As made apparent in this music video, the visuals are largely ethereal, incorporating a slew of highly exposed lights and soft pastel hues, all of which contribute to the singer's otherworldly, goddess-like essence.

Released on June 25th, 2021.


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