Shanghai Story Shooting

After several shooting cooperation between BYB and Shanghai Story, BYB recently shot a series of autumn and winter 2021 products for Shanghai Story.this product shooting covers many series of brands such:artist series, love sprinkler human series and silk exquisite handmade series.from shawls, scarves to large square towels, complete functions, various styles, selected fabrics, and the production process is complicated and exquisite;product design is inspired by the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture, combined with oriental aesthetics, to maximize the spirit of craftsmen.

Shanghai is a city like a river that never stops. The fast-paced urban life allows women to show a modern, capable, beautiful and moving side, and also gives women the power to be gentle as water. We chose the coastal promenade of Hengsha Island in Shanghai as the shooting location. Through the lens, we perfectly present the texture of organic natural materials of our products. In printing and embroidery, we explore the mystery of color and nature, and then stimulate every woman's enthusiasm to get close to nature. Next, let's enjoy this shooting together!

artistic directorArt Director / Giuseppe Univochi

shootingShooting / Simon Gao

makeupMake-up / Rena


modelModel / Lili


lightsLighting / YY Rantel