DIESEL Pop-up Store in Hangzhou



Our team is proud to show you one of our latest project : Pop-up store in D2 space for Diesel at Hangzhou OōEli . Opened in October 1, 2021 in one of the popular trending shopping areas of Hangzhou, our team supported Diesel setting of their new Pop-up store.





For this project, we were responsible from the very first step, acting as store design, props making, installation, and display the pop-up store of Diesel. Inspired by the beauty of the bare concrete mixed with the industrial style and the premium denim of the brand, BYB reinterpreted the creativity concept following Diesel's previous artworks to create and stylish urban environment. ''The most challenging thing was the concrete frame, to make it look cracked and used even if was newly made. then the second challenge was to create the wrapped chairs, try to make them more look alike the original ones.'' says Alberto, the designer of this project.





“In terms of the whole space display, the brand also cooperated with the artist Zhou Yilun to collect some of the artist's works, and scattered some of the artist's installations in every corner of the space as one of the elements of the whole display. “ says Alessio, the head of the B1lock. Integrated client’s needs , BYB team carried out the placement of furniture and props and combined them with the style and form of artwork. Then we prepare the product zoning plan on two floors, the first floor displays the product in spring and summer of 2022 for pre-sale, and the second floor displays the product in autumn and winter of 2021. The first floor and the second floor are also divided into three areas: Women's area, Men's area, and Denim’s area. And we put the Denim‘s area at the main entrance for the main promotion. 






Finally, we use different display methods on different floors to make the whole store look vivid, interesting, and artistic through rich display effects. In this project , BYB team could also showcase our long-term experience in the installation and assembly of the furniture chosen for the shop, thus bringing the project to the very final delivery to the client, ready for the inauguration.