Hangzhou 「 B1OCK Store Setting 」




Since B1OCK opened in October last year, BYB has been working as a display consultant for the company, and the both have been in a long-term partnership. This year B1OCK  is seeting done by BYB in August ,2021, Hangzhou.  During the whole process of the project implementation, BYB not only participated in all the display preparations before the opening of B1OCK, but it also provides a series of services including floor plan design for new stores, product area planning and design, furniture positioning design, display props development and design consultation, pop-up design guidance, final feedback on B1OCK's design, and responsible for regular product rotation. Through visual communication, using various props, combined with the brand's fashion culture, product positioning, and display skills, we try to show the most attractive side of the goods to the public and enhance the value of the brand.