这一次BYB为您带来了在多品牌概念店 B1ock前期准备和后期执行的最新视觉陈列项目,这是位于杭州天目里的多功能空间之一。B1ock共十层,精选的品牌涵盖不同类型的风格,从高端到当代再到高街时尚品牌,以及精心挑选的时尚单品及家居配饰。此外,并包含植物空间及日本研讨会空间。


This time BYB bring you to the latest VM installation prepared and executed in a multi-brands store concept B1ock, one of the multifunctional space located in OōEli Hangzhou. Arranged in ten floors B1ock has in its selection brands that cover different types of style, from the high end to the contemporary to high street fashion, together with a careful selection of fashion and home accessories. Also, including botanical space and Japanese handcraft workshop.




B1OCK 位于杭州天目里,天目里由建筑大师伦佐·皮亚诺担当设计,将打造成集办公空间、艺术空间、实验剧场、买手百货、设计酒店、独特商业集合等多元业态为一体的新概念综合体,汇集艺术、建筑、设计、创意、自然、文化。



B1OCK is located in OōEli, Hangzhou. Designed by architect Renzo Piano, OōEli will be a new concept complexintegrating multiple functions including office space, art space, experimental theater, buyer's department store,design hotel, and unique business collection. 




Theaster Gates 为每层设定不同的设计主题,选用契合每层货品不同气质、截然不同的材料组合,呈现意料之外的空间艺术。在这里,所有商品都应经得起艺术陈列的考验,品牌亦可以在空间内自由发挥。



Theaster Gates sets a different design theme for each storey anduses different materials that match different temperaments ofexhibits on each storey to present an unexpected space art. Here,all goods should live up to the test of art display, and the brand canalso have free play in the space.


All props in the above images are belong to Theaster Gates, and authorized the use only to B1OCK CONCEPT STORE. The above images are all BYB Studio photography works. The Studio always takes a rigorous attitude to highlight the beauty of brand window's concept design, if you have the intention of business cooperation, please contact us, thank you!


以上图片中出现所有道具版权归Theaster Gates所有,并授权于B1OCK CONCEPT STORE使用。以上图片均为BYB Studio摄影作品,BYB Studio 一贯以严谨的态度为客户还原最初的美,如有商务合作意向请咨询我们,谢谢!


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